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Professionals with a bachelor degree, recent grads, foreign teachers, Teaching In USA puts your resume front and center before School District across the Texas state. Your resume will be available to school districts looking for your content area of certification and willing to sponsor your visa in USA. We will help you to enroll with an Alternative certification program to meet teacher’s state requirements and find the appropriate legal help to complete your visa process with the sponsor. If you are interested please apply in order to us review your case immediately.

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Find and recruit the best teachers for your school open position with our targeted services. We have a database of talent available. We work closely with the best universities in different foreign countries to obtain high qualify professionals that are interested to become a teacher in Texas. Based on the requirements from Texas Education Agencies and our staff experience we realized Online screening, evaluations, interviews and portfolio review each candidates in our database, you'll be able to spend fewer resources on the hiring process and more time focusing on your district's projects